SNC has written to the Parish Council and has asked us to ensure that Wreningham-based individuals who might be interested are made aware of this notice and opportunity. Please tell anyone who you think could have an interest about this notice.

Three affordable homes are expected to be completed early in 2017:

  • 1 one bedroom house for rent
  • 1 one bedroom house for shared equity
  • 1 two bedroom house for shared equity

The planning consent includes a S106 Agreement which gives priority to local people in the following order:

  1. Residents Wreningham who have lived in this parish of a total of at least 3 of the last 10 years
  2. Former residents of Wreningham who lived in this parish for at least 3 of the last 10 years
  3. Residents of Wreningham who have lived in this parish or the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash for the last 3 years or more
  4. People working in Wreningham and have done so for the last year or more for at least 10 hours each week
  5. Residents of the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash who have lived in one or more of those parishes (or the parish of Wreningham) for the last 3 years or more
  6. Residents Wreningham who have lived in this parish for less than 3 years
  7. Residents of the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash who have lived in those parishes (or the parish of Wreningham) for less than 3 years
  8. Residents of South Norfolk
  9. Any other person.

The 1 Bedroom House for Rent

This home will be acquired by Saffron Housing Trust, and will be suitable for local people in a wide range of circumstances, including a single person or a couple seeking their first home. We expect that shortly before completion the house will be made available by Saffron Housing Trust through an advert on the South Norfolk HomeOptions system.  It may be advertised before the end of 2016.

Anyone already on the South Norfolk Housing Register will need to express their interest (‘bid’) through the South Norfolk ‘HomeOptions’ website

Other interested residents who are not on the Housing Register should contact the Housing Advice Service at South Norfolk Council to join the Housing Register (‘HomeOptions’).  They will need to provide proof of residency or working qualification criteria and other verification details.  During the week that the properties are advertised on the HomeOptions system people will need to actively apply ‘(bid’) for them, and the Council’s Housing Officers will provide details of how to do this. For further information telephone for free on 0808 168 2222.

The Shared Equity Houses

The developers will be marketing these houses directly, and intend to publicise them locally.  Mr Keith Mitchell (see below) will be involved to ensure compliance with the local connection requirements. Shared equity operates in the following way:

  • The purchaser buys a long lease for 75% of the equity for 75% of the market value.
  • Saffron Housing Trust acquires the lease from the developer.
  • No rent (or a nominal rent – often £1 per annum) is payable.
  • After 5 years the purchaser has the right to buy the remaining 25% of the equity, but there is no obligation to do so.

The SNC contact is:
Keith Mitchell
Housing Enabling and Strategy Officer
t 01508 533756 e

The Parish Council has received notification of planning application 2016/2171. Comments from the public need to be received at SNC by 10 October 2016 – Tel: 01508 533780 or email:

Applicant: Mr Michael McGregor
Location: The Old Homestead Top Row Wreningham Norfolk NR16 1AR
Proposal: Replacement of 3 rotten windows on dormer (X 2) and ground floor kitchen window (x 1)

The planning application can be viewed on-line here


This application relates to the land south of Homestead on Church Road for 2 dwellings. The revised documentation is available on the SNC website here (dated 14 September). The architect has written:

"…I enclose a copy of our revised drawings for re-consultation and comment on them as follows:
Plot 1 -- remains as similar to that submitted but reduced in length and internal fireplace
Plot 2 -- re-design of plot for layout with regard to trees and habitable room to shading areas. Moved further away from the South boundary and outside root protection zones and canopy spreads.
Shading plans. The enclosed shading plans have been produced, 855837 2012 recommendation, Autumn and Spring equinox and high Summer. 
We have shown the requested visibility splay on the topographical survey drawing indicating that it will not be necessary to remove neighbouring hedging.
I hope that the enclosed drawings address the concerns raised and we now look forward to receiving your approval."

Should you wish to comment on these revised plans then please do so to the Planning Officer concerned at South Norfolk Council before 28 September 2016.

Nicola Gregory, Public Health Officer, NCC, asked if we could give some publicity for this event. It is aiming to reach out to members of the community across Norfolk who are not already aware of some of the dementia friendly developments taking place within communities, or part of existing support / dementia networks.

See Eventbrite for further information and for free registration.

Nicola Gregory is contactable on 07917 581128 or