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Wreningham Parish Council Chair

​The Parish Council have been advised about new work by the Better Broadband ​for Norfolk (BBfN) Project. A new communications cabinet (Fundenhall PCP 8) is to be installed on the verge outside Wreningham VC School in the near future to serve residents and businesses in the immediate surrounding area.

​The​ survey pack ​provides some additional information about the installation of this cabinet (note that photograph 1 on page 3 shows the new cabinet footprint superimposed in green near the hedge).

The BBfN site has the following about FUNDENHALL – “BBfN is bringing better broadband to parts of Fundenhall – Services should become available from ISPs by the end of September 2014 and to parts of Wreningham by the end of March 2015 Work continues to move some customers from an existing cabinet to a new cabinet to achieve better speeds in Fundenhall.
***Latest news *** Further parts of Fundenhall will receive access to better broadband by end of June 2015.

This cabinet is obviously part of the necessary infratructure but when it will go live for the benefit of Wreningham residents remains to be seen!

Priority user registers for residents, held by Anglian Water and UK Power Networks.

Following the water interruption at the end of December in Caistor St Edmund and surrounding areas which affected 5000 households in South Norfolk, I would like to make you aware of the priority user registers for residents, held by Anglian Water and UK Power Networks.

Once registered, during a prolonged incident, regular contact is made by Anglian Water or UK Power Networks, keeping customers informed and providing assistance if required. At Caistor St Edmund, bottled water was delivered to individual households. This latter event was, of course, unusual but nevertheless we have taken the opportunity to support the efforts by utility companies to ensure they have up to date information if events occur in future. In the first instance please keep an eye on their websites during any incident.

We are aware that several of the affected parishes are in the process of compiling a joint community emergency plan which was referred to for information and points of contact.

If you know of anyone in your community that meets the criteria (see details below) to be registered, then please follow the links, you can register on line or print the forms to fill in and post.

We are also looking at new ways to reach more vulnerable residents with the utility providers – perhaps you could help us by contacting local groups or putting leaflets in community centres/villages halls/churches, wherever you think it would be most useful?

Anglian Water – vulnerable customers


WaterCare is available to a wide range of customers, from nursing mothers with children under the age of one to kidney dialysis patients who have a dialysis machine at home; customers who have sight or hearing difficulties to those who are frail and elderly or classed as disabled.

Power – vulnerable customers


By joining the register, you will receive:

  • A priority phone number that you can call 24 hours a day
  • A welcome pack with useful advice about preparing for a power cut
  • Regular text message or phone updates during a power cut
  • Extra support from the British Red Cross

Who can apply

  • Customers who are dependent on medical equipment
  • Customers who are chronically ill
  • Customers with a disability
  • Customers who are visually impaired or blind
  • Customers who are hearing impaired or deaf
  • Elderly customers
  • A nursing or residential home
  • Customers with young babies in household
  • Any other case that you would like us to consider

Gas – vulnerable customers

Unfortunately there is not one point of contact for a similar register if you have a piped Gas supply.

Cringleford was affected by a loss of gas supply last week, The National Grid have a large emergency team that visit each household but rely on individual suppliers to maintain a register of vulnerable people for use during such incidents. It is understood that British Gas has a priority services register but with so many suppliers, contact would have to be made directly to your supplier. In the case of Cringleford they have a Community Emergency Plan which was used for additional information that the National Grid did not hold. This reinforces the value of community plans.

P1060178The Parish Council has installed a red bin ​for dog waste ​by the main gate ​to the playing field. ​ This facility is for dog owners to dispose safely​ ​of their dogs’ waste and not be tempted to use the two green waste bins in the playing field. Note that dogs are ​still not allowed onto the play​ing field. The Parish Council will arrange with South Norfolk Council for the bin’s regular emptying.

The EDP recently carried an article about UK Power Networks preparations for the Winter. The article is here. In summary:

  • A new number to call in the event of power failure 0800 316 3105 (free) or at the local call rate from a mobile, 0333 323 2105.
  • A free Priority Services Register for vulnerable customers entitling them to extra help such as updates or home visits or help during a power cut.
  • The Surviving Winter Appeal, led by Norfolk Community Foundation in partnership with Age UK Norfolk, raises money to help those who can’t afford to heat their homes. To request support from the Surviving Winter fund, contact Age UK Norfolk on 01603 787111.
  • Remember that Wreningham Fuel Trust is there to help villagers – contact Christine Minns.

Advice should there be a power cut:

  • Notify UK Power Networks on 0800 316 3105.
  • Have a corded phone available to plug in; cordless phones won’t work without power.
  • Dress warmly in several layers of clothing, stay in one room or even get into bed.
  • Take care if using candles, tea-lights and other naked flames.
  • Switch off electrical equipment, except one light so you know when the power comes back on.
  • Street lights may also be off so take care if you go out.
  • Look out for elderly/vulnerable neighbours.

Ducks killed outside the School

Driving out on Wednesday evening 24 September (about 7.45pm), I noticed two objects in the middle of Ashwellthorpe Road, just outside the school.

On returning home about 10.30pm, I noticed that they were still there and looked to be two ducks.

Early the following morning, someone had kindly moved the deceased to the road side, but unfortunately this was directly outside the school, where children would be walking past on the way to school.

I removed them out of the way before school started.

It would appear that these were run over by a vehicle sometime the previous evening, the driver of which did not stop to attend to the dead birds.

In the five years I have lived in the village, this is the first time I can recall such an incident of “road kill”, so can I ask as a concerned member of the village, and especially considering the children who attend the school:

  • Reminder to all that there is a 30 mph speed limit (which is a maximum speed!) – Ashwellthorpe Road seems to be an attractive stretch of road for some to ignore this requirement;
  • To advise those who have staff who work in the village; or anyone expecting visitors, including companies; delivery drivers, etc; that ducks are always in or around the village, and especially in the stream next to the school, and to take extra care;
  • If in the unfortunate circumstance ducks, or any other animals, are run over, that the bodies are at least removed to the side of the road.

Many thanks

Ian Dunlop, Ashwellthorpe Road

South Norfolk Council Changes to Site Notices for Planning Applications

Site Notices will no longer be erected for householder application unless there is a statutory requirement to do so i.e. it is in a conservation area or is a listed building (in both these instances South Norfolk Council also have to put and advert in the local press), or is adjacent to open land (i.e. where there is no address point)

South Norfolk Council will continue to notify in writing all neighbours adjacent to the boundary of the site, or opposite the site if it relates to any front alterations or new access, the selection of any other neighbours will be a judgement call by the case officer (as is the case at present), and whether they are materially affected by the proposal.

Site notices for all other types of applications will still continue to be posted and neighbours notified accordingly.

Bonfires (and your neighbours!)

It is perfectly legal to have a bonfire and there are no restrictions as to when you can have it. However, you must comply with the Environmental Protection Act.
Following a complaint to the Parish Council and in the interest of good neighbourliness, the following might be useful:

  • Timing – Choose a good time for you and your neighbours. Avoid weekends and bank holidays!
  • Frequency – Try to have as few bonfires as possible.
  • Management – Never leave a bonfire unattended.
  • Materials – Avoid wet or green materials as they will produce excess smoke. Do not burn anything likely to produce excessive, pungent and toxic smoke, e.g. rubber and plastic.
  • Weather – Wind can blow smoke towards the neighbours; stronger winds could impact neighbours further away.

We have received information from NCC Highways regarding their approach to gritting and snow clearance in inclement weather. On the Wreningham council page you will find NCC’s FAQs about to snow clearance and grit bins (there are none in Wreningham).

Here is a link to the Highways page which gives further detail and has an interactive map identifying the routes prioritised for gritting/snow clearance. If you are a driver please note that Church Road is the only Wreningham road marked on this map.