You will have seen the advertising for the 3 monthly carveries (first Sunday of the month) to be held in the hall. Well, the first opened to a full house. With a maximum of 70 covers, we had 50 pre-booked and another 15 or so turned up on the day, everyone was well pleased with the food, the service and the atmosphere. The caters served the food quickly and professionally – all soon had their plates laden with good portions of meat, yorkies and vegetables. They even managed to cater for those who preferred a vegetarian option. The bar was open and did a brisk service in beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.

See you next month!

Carvery at the Hall




The wifi service is now available for the community to use within, or in the vicinity of, the Hall.

There are 6 wireless networks available – all commencing with the letters “WAP” – 3 operating at 2.4GHz and another 3 at 5GHz. We have measured the download speed at nearly 80Mbps and upload at 20Mbps.

Select the network and log in through the Wreningham Community Hub homepage. Password access is currently not required, but that may change. When you use the service please be aware of the Terms & Conditions.

Reasonable offers invited for the Pool Table in Wreningham Village Hall. Buyer collects. Pictures below. Included are: a cover, balls, triangle, brush, chalk and a cue or two.
Contact us at

Pool Table – for sale

Pool Table – for sale

Pool Table – for sale

Pool Table – for sale


The Parish Council arranged free training on the use of the AED now installed on the Village Hall wall.

We know that many villagers have attended such training at work but now we have a further dozen with potentially life saving knowledge. All agreed that they had learnt a lot from their session.

Some villagers did ask how AED awareness training could take two hours.

Well, the trainer did covered a lot of ground: recognising a heart attack as opposed to cardiac arrest; applying CPR; the use of the AED; and, placing the patient in the recovery position. With questions and discussion our session took just over two hours – time well spent.

CPR Dummies

CPR Dummies

Dummies were available to practice CPR – if you need a reminder see Vinnie Jones on the BHF page.

Discussion in progress

Discussion in progress

Examining the AED

Examining the AED

We are arranging training, which is open to all parishioners, in the use of our defibrillator now fixed to the Village Hall wall. We have two dates in mind, both at the Village Hall:

  • Thursday 15th June from 6.30pm.
  • 17th June from 10 am.

Each session will last for 2 hours and is guided by an experienced trainer from the Community Heartbeat Trust.

To help us plan each session, please do let the Clerk know ( or 01508 570700) that you will attend one of the sessions. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Last year we had a successful Litter Pick in the village and lots of fun doing it. Besides £20 for registering our Litter Pick, we won £200 in the South Norfolk Council draw for club funds. This year the Litter Pick will be on 30th April. Further information will be posted on this site or on the village noticeboards. SNC information is here.

Do contact us on if you want to help organising it, take part, or have suggestions to improve on last year.

litter pick poster 2017

On Saturday, very early (for me), Motion Bear Media started filming scenes for a video commissioned by Norfolk Constabulary. They had obtained prior permission to use the field and I was pleased to offer them access to the facilities within the hall. Just as well since it was a cold and damp day; hot drinks were a must.

Crew & Police Officer

Motion Bear Media is a business venture staffed by students from City College Norwich. They apply their learning and skills for real on live contracts. In this case they are producing a video for the training of police personnel on the subject of vulnerable people – Saturday’s scenes related to a child alone in a park.

Officer approaches girlCar Scene

The police officer (a real one!) observed a young girl (not an actor) apparently alone and unsupervised in a park, considered that there might be an issue and approached her. On gaining her confidence, he took her to the police car in order to take her back home. A simple scenario but one needing tact and care.

Squeaky kitMuch effort was put into making the visuals right, as you might expect, but to see the sound crew gathered around the play equipment to capture the essence of the squeaky chain, and, so many times an empty plastic bottle was recorded dropping onto the ground and bouncing about.

The girl’s parents were on hand to reassure their daughter; her brother and sister kept her feet firmly on the ground! Filming requires much standing around, repeating actions, repeating lines and scrutiny of sound and video. The supervising lecturers made sure the crew were fully focused on progressing the shooting schedule. Even so they did not finish until 11am!

Since it is a police training video it is unlikely that we’ll get to see the finished result. But, it was interesting to watch it being made and to see the two characters played with effortless ease even with the crew gathered closely around them.