The Church Warden, Christine Minns, writes:

“Wreningham church would like your help. Our church is normally unlocked during the day time and we are always pleased when people visit providing they respect what it stands for. However, we have recently had a visitor who was really not welcome or needed.

Somebody has taken the church key and a number of small items amongst them a small cut glass dish and lid, 2 small glass carafe stoppers, a tapestry book mark (used in the Bible) and a number of new flags (of the kind we fly from the tower). If you know where these are or who may have taken them, perhaps you could encourage them to return the items. In the meantime, I ask everybody who uses Church Road to be extra vigilant both by day and night and report any suspicious activities. I have informed our PCSO and asked that the police keep an extra watch on the church for the time being.”

25 September Update

As promised, here is the name and contact details for the Anglian Water project manager:

Mick Renshaw
07967 689088

23 August – Update

From next week Anglian Water will commence their 6 month project to upgrade the water supply within Wreningham. See previous posts.

There are two preparatory tasks for them to address:

  1. To install a temporary pipe in Mill Lane to maintain the water supply during the project.

  2. To establish the project / site base behind the pumping station on Mill Lane.

1. Mill Lane pipe.

This will connect one side of the village supply to another during the whole of the 6 month project. Once the project is complete then the pipe will be removed. The objective is to provide an alternative supply line and thereby ensure the water supply has as few supply suspensions as possible during the next six months.

Next week the pipe will be laid to connect the “Wash Out” point on the Village Hall plot (in the corner nearest the school) and the Fire Hydrant near 41 Mill Lane.

The 6” diameter pipe will be laid around the extreme edge of the hall grounds, exiting through the hedge onto Mill Lane verge. It will continue along the South side verge of Mill Lane to near 41 Mill Lane. The pipe will cross several field gateways and one residential driveway. In those cases the pipe will be placed in a shallow trench to ensure the access remains unobstructed.

2. Project / site base.

The area behind the pumping station on Mill Lane will be used to hold construction materials, site offices, parking for equipment and vehicles, etc. This will mean that Anglian Water traffic will be using Mill Lane throughout the project. Users of Mill Lane need to consider this as well as the planned road closures already posted.

It is hoped to post in the near future, the name and contact details of the Anglian Water site manager should residents need to discuss issues.

29th July

Last month we warned of the intention by Anglian Water to undertake significant roadworks on all the roads within the Wreningham & Top Row. They have just contacted the Parish Council to confirm that they are replacing the cast iron water pipes across the village. See their letter – Water Mains Replacement

They are arranging for a community drop-in on 15th August from 2 pm to 8 pm in the Village Hall. They invite you to come along and find out more about what is planned and how it will affect you.



The Anglian Water project has been mentioned on this site in earlier posts.

The documentation authorising the temporary closure of Hethel Road & Church Road have been received and can be inspected here:

Wreningham STRO1094 (Phase 1 and 2) Order
Wreningham STRO1094 (Phase 1 and 2) PT
Wreningham STRO1094 (Phase 1 and 2) HM

Contact details for comment / further information are contained within these documents.

The following e-mail was received from Pentaco this morning:

You are undoubtedly aware that the works along Church Road are progressing apace and there is a reasonably increase in vehicle movements in and around site. This is unfortunately a consequence of the restricted area for site parking and the external works now required to complete the project. To mitigate this problem and prevent vehicles parking on the surrounding highway, we have made an informal agreement with the landowner to form an area of parking on the field behind, with access off Hethel Road.

We have discussed with the planners at South Norfolk and they have agreed to this temporary arrangement with immediate effect for a period of approx 6 weeks.

We trust you will agree this is of benefit to all parties and will hopefully allow the development to be concluded with minimal disruption to the residents of your parish; however if you wish to discuss any of the above, please do not hesitate to call or visit Dean on site.

Many thanks for your continued co-operation.


Paul Chappell, Contracts Manager, Pentaco Construction Ltd

15 Hurricane Way, Airport Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR6 6EZ

Tel. 01603 778950; Mob. 07866 925140 ;

Norfolk County Council have contacted the Parish Council to form us that they propose to make a Temporary Traffic Order affecting Church Road from the junction with Hethel Road westwards for 300m until the first bend. This is because of new water connection.

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 16th January 2017 to 27th January 2017 for the duration of the works, expected to be about 11 days within the period. They suggest using Mill Lane for access beyond the closed section.

Details are provided here:

Wreningham STRO653 PT

Wreningham STRO653 Order

Wreningham STRO653 HM

The Planning Application relating to the 2 house development on Church Road (next to The Old Rectory) has been revised and copies of the amended plan(s)/additional information can be view online at the SNC website.

If you have any comments to make please email your views to or comment online at before 25 October 2016.

SNC’s planning officer’s letter is here: 2016/1569 letter

SNC has written to the Parish Council and has asked us to ensure that Wreningham-based individuals who might be interested are made aware of this notice and opportunity. Please tell anyone who you think could have an interest about this notice.

Three affordable homes are expected to be completed early in 2017:

  • 1 one bedroom house for rent
  • 1 one bedroom house for shared equity
  • 1 two bedroom house for shared equity

The planning consent includes a S106 Agreement which gives priority to local people in the following order:

  1. Residents Wreningham who have lived in this parish of a total of at least 3 of the last 10 years
  2. Former residents of Wreningham who lived in this parish for at least 3 of the last 10 years
  3. Residents of Wreningham who have lived in this parish or the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash for the last 3 years or more
  4. People working in Wreningham and have done so for the last year or more for at least 10 hours each week
  5. Residents of the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash who have lived in one or more of those parishes (or the parish of Wreningham) for the last 3 years or more
  6. Residents Wreningham who have lived in this parish for less than 3 years
  7. Residents of the neighbouring parishes of Ashwellthorpe, Hapton, Flordon and Bracon Ash who have lived in those parishes (or the parish of Wreningham) for less than 3 years
  8. Residents of South Norfolk
  9. Any other person.

The 1 Bedroom House for Rent

This home will be acquired by Saffron Housing Trust, and will be suitable for local people in a wide range of circumstances, including a single person or a couple seeking their first home. We expect that shortly before completion the house will be made available by Saffron Housing Trust through an advert on the South Norfolk HomeOptions system.  It may be advertised before the end of 2016.

Anyone already on the South Norfolk Housing Register will need to express their interest (‘bid’) through the South Norfolk ‘HomeOptions’ website

Other interested residents who are not on the Housing Register should contact the Housing Advice Service at South Norfolk Council to join the Housing Register (‘HomeOptions’).  They will need to provide proof of residency or working qualification criteria and other verification details.  During the week that the properties are advertised on the HomeOptions system people will need to actively apply ‘(bid’) for them, and the Council’s Housing Officers will provide details of how to do this. For further information telephone for free on 0808 168 2222.

The Shared Equity Houses

The developers will be marketing these houses directly, and intend to publicise them locally.  Mr Keith Mitchell (see below) will be involved to ensure compliance with the local connection requirements. Shared equity operates in the following way:

  • The purchaser buys a long lease for 75% of the equity for 75% of the market value.
  • Saffron Housing Trust acquires the lease from the developer.
  • No rent (or a nominal rent – often £1 per annum) is payable.
  • After 5 years the purchaser has the right to buy the remaining 25% of the equity, but there is no obligation to do so.

The SNC contact is:
Keith Mitchell
Housing Enabling and Strategy Officer
t 01508 533756 e

Amended Planning Application 2016/1569
The above proposal has now been amended copies of the amended plan(s)/additional information can be
view online here.

Re-consultation on this application as the Site Notice and Press Advert should have just stated “affects public right of way”. Comments to SNC by writing, emailing your views to or comment online at before 23 August 2016.

Letter concerning this application –  2016/1569