​​Greater Norwich Local Plan – draft issues


Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council, working with Norfolk County Council, are preparing the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP). The current Joint Core Strategy (JCS) plans for the housing and jobs needs of the area to 2026,  the GNLP is to ensure these needs continue to be met to 2036.

As in the JSC, the GNLP will include strategic planning policies to guide future development, plans to protect the environment, and the allocation of sites for development.  It will look to ensure that delivery of development promotes sustainability and the effective functioning of the whole area.

As one of the first steps supporting the production of the GNLP, a workshop session for South Norfolk parish and town councils will be held at South Norfolk Council’s office in Long Stratton on 12 September 2016. To aid discussion the GNLP team has produced a draft Issues Paper. (Note the potential future of Policy Areas in Greater Norwich is not finalised, and hence is not included.)


A representative from Wreningham Parish Council will attend the workshop. If parishioners, having read the document, have any points that we could raise on their behalf please advise the clerk. Otherwise please feel free to contact South Norfolk’s Adam Nicholls, Planning Policy Manager, on 01508 533809 or via email at anicholls@s-norfolk.gov.uk.