Prior to 2011 Wreningham did not have a mains sewage system. Many properties had either single or shared septic tanks. Residents had to make their own arrangements for emptying these tanks. For some this was an on-going problem as they were continually having to arrange for the emptying of their septic tanks to significant cost and inconvenience.

In 2011 Anglia Water installed a “First time sewage system” in Wreningham as part of their policy to reduce the number of septic tanks in the region. Instead of a gravity driven system, this project introduced a vacuum sewage system to serve Church Road, Hethel Road, Ashwellthorpe Road and Wymondham Road.

These pipes converged on a new main sewage pipe at the top of Mill Lane near the school. A pumping station was built half way along Mill Lane. It maintains the vacuum (or low pressure) which draws the sewage into the next part of the system. Here gravity takes the sewage through a new pipe to a pre-existing installation situated by Stephens Road in Top Row.

How does it work?

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The sewage pipe from the house uses gravity to deliver sewage to the chamber. This will trigger the trap to access the vacuum in the main pipe. This will then draw the sewage out of the chamber and away towards the pumping station in Mill Lane and from there onto the installation in Top Row.

Am I connected?

Whilst many decided to connect to the system at the time of installation, not all did.

One sign that you are connected is that the property will be in receipt of a regular sewage bills from Anglia Water!

The most obvious sign that you are connected is two part:

  1. A metal inspection cover for the below ground sewage chamber. This is often within the property’s curtilage, however some are in or near the road.
  • Note this may be shared by up to 4 properties
  1. A silver coloured, metal, cylindrical pipe set vertically in the roadside verge outside/near your property. “Anglia Water” is inscribed in blue on it with a designation number e.g. “B1”.
  • This pipe is the visible component of a vacuum trap which connects to a sewage pipe.

Who do I contact if it is not working correctly?

This sewage system is managed by Anglia Water. You will need to contact them in the event of any actual or apparent system failure:

Telephone: 0800 145 145 / Email:

Michael Hill, October 2023

NCC proposes to make a Temporary Traffic Order affecting the U76222 Top Row from its junction with B1113 Norwich Road for 227m south-eastwards because of Anglian Water pipe repair works.

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 15th to 17th August 2022 for the duration of the works expected to be about 3 days within the period.

For NCC document with map see here

I reported the very poor condition of High Road, Top Row. The road surface is disintegrating along a 10+ metre stretch and is becoming a danger to road users. Also, a corner at Mill Lane/B1113 is degrading into a series of potholes that are joining up.

NCC Highways have responded to these reports: “We have inspected and are going to resolve the problem – After investigation we have confirmed action is required. Defects are scheduled for repair depending on the nature of the defect and work needed but on average can take approximately 6 weeks.”

South Norfolk have received my report of fly-tipping – a concrete fencing post and a mattress – on Wymondham Road (not far from the turkey sheds). This report was made via their flytipping page. Their reply was that they’d remove the items in due course.

Wreningham Parish residents can now help keep Wreningham, Top Row and Penny’s Green litter free after the Parish Council bought litter-picking equipment which can be borrowed for free.

Sets of two litter-pickers, bag hoops and high-vis jackets are now available for residents to borrow for ad-hoc litter picking around the area. Litter picking would be done at residents’ own risk.

Sets are located at homes on the main roads in the parish and can be borrowed via a quick email or phone call as follows:

Wymondham Road and general enquiries:

Cllr Keith Morris, on 01508 488318 or at

Ashwellthorpe Road:

Cllr Hughie Glaves: Porthtowan or at:

Church Road, Hethel Road & Penny’s Green:

Sarah Lidington: Cloverside, Church Road or at

Mill Lane

Christine Bilham: Cha-Am or 01508 489626 or at:

Top Row 

Nicky Allen: The Birches or at:

Pictured is Cllr Keith Morris with the litter picking equipment available for residents to borrow.

Reference: 2021/1985
Applicant: Mr B Fuller
Location: Peplins Cottage, Top Row
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension together with internal and external alterations.
Application Type: Householder

Please return comments to South Norfolk Council by 4 October 2021.

post: SNC, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton NR15 2XE

Copies of the submitted plans can be viewed on-line here.

A reminder that the consultation closes on 2nd August 2021 for the draft South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (VCHAP).

For Wreningham people to note:

  • Wreningham is in Cluster 48 with Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall.
  • The map for the proposed sites is here
  • The consultation document which includes Wreningham sites is accessible here
  • Wreningham sites (see map above) assessments:

Further Explanation

The VCHAP is seeking to allocate sites for at least 1,200 new dwellings (over and above those that already have permission), distributed across 48 Village Clusters centred around the Primary Schools in South Norfolk. The preferred allocation sites are between 12 and 50 dwellings, reflecting the scale of the settlements which they will form a part of. As well as allocation sites, the draft VCHAP proposes some smaller amendments to Development Boundaries, to accommodate windfall developments of up to 11 dwellings, which are in addition to the 1,200 dwelling requirement.

Your views are sought on the choice of sites, including what specific criteria might need to be applied to the larger allocation sites.

The VCHAP sets out some suggestions for overarching policies which would apply to all housing proposals, whether they be on the allocations or the windfall sites. These are concerned with design quality, housing mix and common criteria, such as maximising the improving for walking/cycling, and your comments are also sought on these.

There is an opportunity to submit additional sites as part of the consultation. For those considering submitting sites, consider the Council’s Assessment Criteria when completing a site submission form.

The VCHAP sits alongside the Greater Norwich Local Plan, which you may already have commented on, and which will continue to set the strategic planning policies for South Norfolk and make both the housing allocations in larger settlements and also any non-housing allocations.

The consultation can be viewed at Here you will find not only a link to the consultation document itself, plus a range of supporting documents that have been used to prepare the draft VCHAP, but also a virtual exhibition which may help answer some of your questions. As well as commenting on the main document, you may also wish to comment on the Interim Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulation Assessment documents.


Place Shaping Team: about the consultation 01508 533805,, or via a webchat from 10am to 2pm on a Tuesday, or from 2pm to 6pm on a Thursday, throughout the consultation (see VCHAP webpage for details).

Paul Harris, Place Shaping Manager: 01508 533805

Please remember to submit any comments by 5pm on Monday 2 August 2021.

Reference: 2020/1577
Applicant: Ms Sally White
Location: The Cottage  Top Row Wreningham NR16 1AR
Proposal: Erection of cartlodge to include double garage and games room.
Application Type: Householder

Copies of the submitted plans can be viewed on-line

Please return comments by 24 September 2020 to SNC:

on-line: via Comment tab here
post: SNC, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton NR15 2XE