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Covid-19 Wreningham Community Support

Thank you to our 50+ volunteers in the support scheme for residents who may need assistance during the coronavirus pandemic. These are organised so that one or two volunteers will be the main contact for each of:

  • Ashwellthorpe Road / Folgate.
  • Church Road
  • Hethel Road
  • Mill Lane / Norwich Road
  • Penny Green
  • Top Row / Steven’s Lane
  • Wymondham Road.

They will provide you with their contact details. If help is required then let them know and they will either deal with it themselves or ask another volunteer to assist.

Help which could be offered includes:

  • collecting and delivering shopping – leaving deliveries on the doorstep, or in a safe place, to avoid close physical contact;
  • suggesting local shopping options and trusted suppliers;
  • collecting and delivering prescriptions;
  • walking for dogs;
  • regular social contact via telephone, social media, Skype, etc. to avoid physical contact. Offering to call and chat could make a big difference to someone who is isolated;
  • encouraging people to contact others in the same situation;
  • delivering books and magazines or materials to support hobbies such as wool for knitting or art materials;
  • reassuring people with accurate and up to date advice and information; and
  • recommending other sources of help if needed.

Other resources

The vicar, Lydia Avery, is available to speak to any villager and the Church will be open every day should you need a quiet place to go to.

The Swap Box is open for business – it is advised to wipe the book cover and wash your hands upon returning home.

Information relating to the pandemic and local responses (from County and District Council, Parish Council, or others) will be posted on the village website.


Please contact: