Our District Councillors have provided the following:

The “call for sites” for the Village Clusters has been completed with some 350 applications put forward. These have been assessed but no decisions have been made regarding their suitability to be included in the Emerging Local Plan.

South Norfolk Council is currently being run by an Emergency Committee. This is made up of senior officials and some members of the council.

The Council’s finances have taken a hit. Income is lost because of closure of the Leisure Centres and loss of Rate income amongst others. Some of the shortfall will be made up by Central Government.

It is anticipated that economic Growth in the District will fall by some 25%. This is better than most Local Authorities but will have to be addressed when the position becomes clearer.

Most applications for Business Grants have been paid. However, if there are any businesses having difficulty sourcing these, I will be happy to help.

On the last point, contact Nigel Legg at nlegg@s-norfolk.gov.uk

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