Christine Minns, Church warden writes:

The third week in March will see the 2nd anniversary of the first lockdown due to Covid-19. For many who did not experience a “world war” the past 2 years will be the nearest we have come to one.

People dying without family with them, and no chance to say a final farewell to loved ones – just as the families of soldiers would have experienced during a war.

Scientists working day and night – not to produce a new bomb or other items of war but to produce a vaccine.

The medical teams rushed off their feet in hospitals and providing, not field hospitals, but overspill facilities.

The “Land Girls” and “Bevan Boys” not going to mine coal or plant food but they manned the vaccine units.

I could fill a page of similar examples from evacuees similar to home schooling and so on.

There is no “war memorial” to remind people of the experience of the past 2 years. The sadness and the good things which have come out of the pandemic, but for those of you who would like to remember, mourn a loss and/or celebrate the survival of so many, we invite you to join us on Sunday 20th March. The Service of Remembrance will be at 10.30 am at Wreningham All Saints and will give thanks for the good things – all the support we received and remember all who have suffered. This will be followed by the dedication of an Oak Tree planted in the graveyard as a reminder of the pandemic.

If you feel the time is right for you, to reflect on the past 2 years, do come and join us.

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