The Norfolk Association of Local Councils (NALC) have written saying “People are living longer, our population is getting older and the type of care that people need is changing. Our GPs, hospitals and social care services therefore need to change too. We want to talk with you about the big challenges our health and social care services face, because any changes to services will impact on the residents living in your town or parish. It’s important that you share your views with us now because Norfolk and Waveney’s health and social care services have to create a plan for tackling these challenges, which will eventually result in changes to services.”

Presumably Norfolk & Waveney have a good idea of what the issues are, but are inviting views on priorities, scope, strategies & tactics. Hence the meeting being organised by NALC for town and parish councils on 21st September. We hope to send a representative.

Do you, as a Wreningham resident, have a view which you want to share for this meeting? If so, please e-mail it to the Clerk ( for her to collate parish views for the parish representative. Or, you may wish to contact NALC’s County Officer, Helen Ollett-Nash at or on 01603 638495.

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