SNC Housing Strategy – closed

A public consultation has been running from 3rd August for 12 weeks.


South Norfolk Council (SNC) has a new draft Housing Strategy for consultation. SNC’s Housing Strategy 2016-19 sets out how housing will be delivered across South Norfolk until 2019. It clarifies what they want and how they are going to get there. They have identified four priority outcomes central to how housing is delivered in South Norfolk:

  • Providing it:  A good supply of housing within South Norfolk which meets residents’ needs, supports growth and can be afforded at all income levels.
  • Accessing it: Residents have access to a home that meets their requirements that they can pay for and maintain.
  • Living in it: Residents live in warm, decent and safe homes within a resilient community, and receive support to help them achieve independent living in their own home.
  • Prospering in it: Residents receive easily accessible advice and support which improves the life chances of them and their families, which targets those needing early interventions and support to get the most out of life.

They want your views to ensure the Strategy can deliver on its aims and that the correct themes/issues are identified and accounted for. Your views will help build an Action Plan for the strategy.


  1. You can access the document and the accompanying survey on their website home page under “Consultations”. NB if you do the survey and want to review your comments beware of the button on bottom of page 4 “finish survey” – it finishes off and you will not see your comments again!
  2. Wreningham Parish Council expect to send a Councillor to one of the two SNC workshops (8 September & 22 September) and will be happy to collate and represent your views there. Please send your comments to the Clerk (contact details here).
  3. Otherwise, you may wish to let SNC know directly –  Liam Pickering, Housing and Public Health Partnerships Officer (01508 533783, or,