20-12-23 Meeting at Bird in Hand

Notes on a meeting held at Bird in Hand Public House, Wreningham; 20 December 2023, 5.30pm to 7pm

Present: J Wells, FWP Ltd, D Brock, FWP Ltd; 18 parishioners

M Hill introduced the meeting:

  • Organised following a specific request in the last parish council meeting. Those neighbouring The Farthings wished to have FWP Ltd present and discuss the situation regarding the 3 proposed plots and the remaining land.
  • The Farthings site proposal received majority approval at the June parish meeting in the village hall.
  • This proposal is a pre-planning proposal; no formal application has yet been made.
  • FWP Ltd had used the comments from parishioners, the parish council and South Norfolk District Council to revise the proposal.
  • The proposal is at a point where it could form the basis of a formal planning application.
  • At that point there will be further opportunity for public comment.
  • Julian Wells and Donny Brock are here to present the latest proposal and discuss it with the meeting.

Julian Wells, taking the lead, with Donny Brock, then stated that a detailed design has not been produced – that had to wait until there was agreement with the outline design indicated in the latest version. Detailed information will be made available to the village. The full design, which will include the land targeted for transfer to the WPC, depends on receiving suitable input from the village as to what they intend to do with the land. This is to ensure the identified benefits to the community are part of the planning application. They presented the current site design – see below:

Other Points made:

  • The general design now reflects input from several sources
  • A South Norfolk Planning officer provided his views on improving the “pre-application” prior to submission of a formal planning application
  • Plot positioning – three together at northern end
  • Height of all plots reduced
  • Design is for one bungalow and two chalet bungalows
  • Increased plot distance from immediate neighbours
  • Improved vegetation barrier
  • Not self-builds; FWP Ltd will direct the building
  • improved access from Church Road – plot 1 extended garden is now included in land offered to Village/Parish Councillors
  • single road access to plots – staggered from road access across the road
  • gated entrance to field from Hethel Road
  • plots drainage required to be no more than prior to building
  • significant work planned to ensure drainage on the site, and nearby, works effectively

M Hill then invited questions from those present.

Question and Answer session

Q1. Persistence of plot greenery once sold (e.g. what if the owner chops down the trees?)

A1. Title will include a requirement to maintain the trees

Q2. Will these houses fit in with the neighbour built environment?

A2. Bungalow & Chalet bungalow style reflects that which already exists in the neighbourhood.

Q3. Maintaining the hedge at the north end?

A3. An Ecology Survey and an Arboricultural Survey will provide recommendations for management – FWP expect at least to improve what is there. FWP Ltd will take ownership of the whole perimeter until plots sold and land transferred to WPC.

Q4. Height of buildings on the plots?

A4. Taking Mrs Craig’s bungalow as an example – none will exceed the height there. As outline and indicative plot plans are produced they will be provided for community information.

Q5. Developers often revise plans as soon as they obtain planning permission.

A5. FWP will keep to the agreed plans and not revise them (unless something happens which means they have to be changed).

Q6. What is to be done with the plots’ foul water?

A6. Not impressed with Wreningham’s sewage system and does not think they will connect to it. Water management systems will be included in the design. The outflow will then be fed into the ditch to the rear of the plots. This ditch then connects to the North/South ditch on the western edge of the land.

Q7. Drainage generally?

A7. Have been in contact with SNC’s Mrs Kate Spillman who (as SNC’s ditch and drainage officer) will oversee the drainage design and comment on its quality for this development. It is quite clear she is keen to ensure the situation in this area is improved.

Q8. What is the schedule for this work?

A8. Planning application to be presented to SNC by Q1 2023 – late March.

  • Further 6 months whilst the application is processed and considered by SNC.
  • Note that work to prepare the site for transfer to WPC will have to start very early and proceed in parallel with plots’ work. But, it must be completed before the plots are ready for sale.
  • Need also to Address S106 issues for WPC.
  • Expect completion to be 9 to 12 months after permission to proceed

Q9. What does the planning application cover?

A9. The three plots and the remaining of the land forming The Farthings.

Q10. What about Open Spaces Requirement? This does not meet that.

A10. Not sure that that applies in this case – but will check.

Q11. What is the sequence of build at the plots?

A11. Expect to complete to build all at one go – completion of all three at same time.

M Hill thanked all those present for attending this briefing on the FWP proposal for The Farthings and the three plots. He expected to organise a public meeting for the more advanced design just prior to FWP making their planning application to SNC.

[Post meeting note – A formal consultation will be undertaken by FWP on the final design. It is probable this will happen in February 2024]