The Wreningham Heritage Group is delighted to unveil its new website at The site builds on material seen in the 2021 Wreningham Heritage Group exhibition and adds a lot more – over 60 pages of heritage news, pictures, audio, stories, etc.

The website tells the story of our village together with the stories of those who helped shape it. There are audio clips from present-day villagers who will tell you how the village was in their early days!

The Heritage Group has many sources of heritage information, including most importantly the villagers. Your story, backed by documents and artefacts, can add immensely to that of Wreningham and your fellow villagers.

You are invited to attend their meetings in the Village Hall, usually every two months, to see and talk about your village’s heritage and to bring anything which adds to the story of Wreningham and its people. Meeting dates will be posted on this site, the village website and in the Mardle. 

The group is keen to have a site which is dynamic and grows into new areas over time. For example, they are currently experimenting with a “Look-up” service to enable villagers raise questions about their local ancestors etc. See the Contact page for more information.