Driving along Church Road you will have seen your speed flashed up by the device near Church Farm. This is the speed machine (SAM2) purchased by the Parish Council. We have some data to share with you. It is not complete; we have not yet worked out why several days are missing. However, it is interesting to see the Summary for October/November/December 2018:

Here is the data captured on an hourly basis and presented by day of the week:

Many Parishioners have asked the Parish Council to do something about speeding through the village in addition to the law, official speed limit signs and our regular use of the speed reporting device. We asked SNC and neighbouring parishes about our options. They reported that speed stickers on wheelie bins to remind drivers of the 30 mph speed limit seem to be effective. So, we have a supply of stickers and will be distributing two to each household within the 30 mph zone in the next few days.

Please note that SNC ask that these are affixed to the bins as shown in the image – i.e. on the side and not over the SNC logo on the front of the bin.

Any comments to the Clerk or to info@wreningham.org.