Wreningham Parish Council

Wreningham Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of alternate months, i.e. January, March, May, July, September and November at 7.30pm in the Margaret Preston room at the Village Hall. All are welcome to attend.

Please check with the Clerk, or this website, to see whether these are being scheduled as virtual meetings.

2024 Meeting schedule

  • 14 May – Annual Parish Meeting followed by Parish Council Meeting
  • 9 July
  • 10 September
  • 12 November


  • Michael Hill (Chair)
  • Andrea Tancred
  • Hugh Glaves
  • Jean Lambourne
  • Keith Morris
  • Luke Mcdaid
  • Ben Jarvis

Parish Councillors can be contacted via the Parish Clerk, details below. Parish Councillors’ declaration of interests forms can be found on the South Norfolk Council website.

Parish Clerk

Mrs Tina Higlett
Crofton House, Norwich Road, Long Stratton, Norwich NR15 2PG
Tel: 01508 530733
E-mail: clerk.wpc@gmail.com

District Councillors

One of the three District Councillors is normally present at a WPC meeting. The County Councillor rarely attends.

Bob McClenning
Contact details on SNC website here ; E-mail: bob.mcclenning@southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk

Jim Webber
Contact details on SNC website here ; E-mail: jim.webber@southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk

Ian Spratt
Details on SNC website here ; E-mail: ian.spratt@southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk

County Councillor

Daniel Elmer
Details on NCC website here ; E-mail: daniel.elmer@norfolk.gov.uk

SNC & Broadland Contacts

See here for various department contacts

Flood Risk

We have had a few near misses in recent years with the streams, drains, ditches and culverts becoming alarmingly full and some flooding occurring around the village. The government flood risk map provides an opportunity to examine high, medium and low-risk areas around the country. Try here for Wreningham.

Please ensure that the watercourses for which you have a responsibility (riparian) are maintained and kept clear of debris, blockages, overgrowth, etc.

Census Information

If you are interested in a wide range of specific/summary census data about Wreningham (and any other place), please see the Office for National Statistics website.

Defibrillator (AED)

We currently have one Defibrillator (AED). It is managed by the Parish Council and is fixed West wall of the Village Hall. For more detailed information about the defibrillator see here.

Page last updated 28 March 2024