The UEA Norwich Medical School wish to recruit older adults in the community for some studies. These studies are approved by the UEA and/or NHS ethics panels and focus on conditions like arthritis or stroke rehabilitation, as well as healthy volunteers. Please see the explanatory posters:

Over 60s

Over 70s

Any questions about these studies please feel free to contact:

Dr Donnie Cameron (

Dr David Willis (


The Parish Council arranged free training on the use of the AED now installed on the Village Hall wall.

We know that many villagers have attended such training at work but now we have a further dozen with potentially life saving knowledge. All agreed that they had learnt a lot from their session.

Some villagers did ask how AED awareness training could take two hours.

Well, the trainer did covered a lot of ground: recognising a heart attack as opposed to cardiac arrest; applying CPR; the use of the AED; and, placing the patient in the recovery position. With questions and discussion our session took just over two hours – time well spent.

CPR Dummies

CPR Dummies

Dummies were available to practice CPR – if you need a reminder see Vinnie Jones on the BHF page.

Discussion in progress

Discussion in progress

Examining the AED

Examining the AED

Anglia Water, from 1st October 2016, have assumed responsibility for Private Pumping Stations (PPSs) – you have to look closely but they are referring to sewage/waste water systems. They are running a campaign to find the unregistered PPSs. So if you have one and want to save yourself the cost of maintaining it, contact Anglia Water to register it.

More information here. If you have any questions about this , contact Anglia Water at

PPS information poster

We are arranging training, which is open to all parishioners, in the use of our defibrillator now fixed to the Village Hall wall. We have two dates in mind, both at the Village Hall:

  • Thursday 15th June from 6.30pm.
  • 17th June from 10 am.

Each session will last for 2 hours and is guided by an experienced trainer from the Community Heartbeat Trust.

To help us plan each session, please do let the Clerk know ( or 01508 570700) that you will attend one of the sessions. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Nicola Gregory, Public Health Officer, NCC, asked if we could give some publicity for this event. It is aiming to reach out to members of the community across Norfolk who are not already aware of some of the dementia friendly developments taking place within communities, or part of existing support / dementia networks.

See Eventbrite for further information and for free registration.

Nicola Gregory is contactable on 07917 581128 or