Anglian Water contractors will be performing routine maintenance to the roadside pots associated with the vacuum sewage system. This will start on 22 October 2018. Each pot will take between 15 and 30 minutes to service. There may be signals/traffic control in use and hence some delays. The roads affected are:

  • 22 to 24 October – Ashwellthorpe Road
  • 22 to 24 October – Mill Lane
  • 23 to 25 October – Wymondham Road
  • 24 to 26 October – Church Road

Some more details are available via

As mentioned on this website and in the Mardle we are working to improve the facilities in the Village Hall. The Margaret Preston Room is the first significant sign of this work. Jon Moon has installed modern and attractive doors and windows to replace the rather dilapidated and rotting wooden predecessors.

See the photographs, or better still, come and have a look for yourself.

New windows in MPR

New windows in MPR

External view of the new doors & windows

External view of the new doors & windows

Before replacement

Before replacement

Hughie and Tressie Glaves took on the task that I had had on my to do list for the past 4 years: make the benches in the Reading Room and the playing field presentable. Two coats of British Racing Green sorted out the bench in the Reading Room. A wash down with an industrial film remover made the playing field bench as good as new. Thank you to Hughie and Tressie for their work this morning (I only wish I had taken a before picture!)


Anglia Water, from 1st October 2016, have assumed responsibility for Private Pumping Stations (PPSs) – you have to look closely but they are referring to sewage/waste water systems. They are running a campaign to find the unregistered PPSs. So if you have one and want to save yourself the cost of maintaining it, contact Anglia Water to register it.

More information here. If you have any questions about this , contact Anglia Water at

PPS information poster

£13,750 has been paid to the Parish Council in respect of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). This is a levy paid by developers to the District Council and a proportion is allocated directly to the Parish concerned. The CIL money is to be spent within 5 years on Parish related projects. Send your suggestions for appropriate expenditure to the Parish Clerk. See the guidance – Parish Council CIL guidance note.
SNC Parishes receiving CIL – CIL report on SNC Parishes

A Parish Council work party gave the village playing field a spring clean and make-over on Saturday April 8.

From 8.30am to 3pm several hardy souls undertook to clean up the playing field and the play equipment on it. Jon put his pressure washer to good use and washed away years of grime from the zip wire platform, the skate park, the shelter, the table, swings and dolphin. Josh, Hughie and Michael worked on the grass covered mats – lifting them, cleaning away layers of earth and grass, and then replacing them. The turf came in handy to restore the grass under and around the shelter. Anne applied the graffiti remover with vim & vigour to the skate park. Meanwhile Keith fitted a set of goal nets onto one of the goal posts and cleaned the posts before helping with the mats.

Thank you everyone for your work. Especial thanks to Christine for allowing us to connect to her tap to provide water for the pressure washer.

So much done and still more to do. We will be arranging for at least one more day of effort to tackle the equipment we did not have time to spruce up. Watch out for announcements, we would love to see more helpers.