We have received a report of a domestic burglary in the Church road area in the last hour or two. This seems to be an opportunistic act. Apparently, no-one was hurt and there is no damage to property. A handbag and purse containing money and credit cards were taken. The Police have been called.

Whilst there is little information available it seems wise to remind you to take appropriate security measures for your personal safety and that of your home.

This is the 25th anniversary of National Hate Crime Awareness Week. This time it is from 10th to 17th October 2020.

Norfolk and Suffolk Police, have written to say they take this type of crime very seriously and are committed to tackling it to make communities safer.

What is ‘hate’?

Hate is when an offender is hostile towards an individual’s, or a group’s identity, because of prejudice against their protected characteristics:

• Race, ethnicity or nationality

• Religion or belief (or lack of)

• Disability (includes physical, sensory, learning disability, or mental health)

• Sexual orientation

• Transgender identity

What are hate incidents and crimes?

An Hate Incident is when an individual, or anyone else, thinks that an event was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person or group’s protected characteristics. Any criminal offence can be a Hate Crime if it was motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person or a group’s protected characteristics.


The Police have provided posters from Norfolk County Council which incorporates the new logo for SHiN. They have asked that we display them to support the national campaign. See them here:

SHiN Poster #1

SHiN Poster #2

The Chief of Police for Norfolk has announced changes to policing in Norfolk.

Parish Councils have been invited to a briefing on 31st October by Chief Inspector Alice Scott regarding this announcement. See her letter here and the background booklet here.

Your parish council will be represented at this briefing. If you have a particular question which could be raised please send it to the Parish Clerk at clerk.wpc@gmail.com.

If you wish to contact the Police & Crime Commissioner, then the contact details are here.

Representatives from Parish Councils within the Policing Area D1 , which includes Wreningham, attended a briefing by Inspector Colbert. The police have forwarded their presentation and notes:

D1 Parish Council Presentation April 2017
D1 Parish Council Presentation April 2017 – Meeting notes

If you have questions about this or other policing matters, the Engagement Officer is Jim Squires who can be contacted through the Parish Clerk.

On Saturday, very early (for me), Motion Bear Media started filming scenes for a video commissioned by Norfolk Constabulary. They had obtained prior permission to use the field and I was pleased to offer them access to the facilities within the hall. Just as well since it was a cold and damp day; hot drinks were a must.

Crew & Police Officer

Motion Bear Media is a business venture staffed by students from City College Norwich. They apply their learning and skills for real on live contracts. In this case they are producing a video for the training of police personnel on the subject of vulnerable people – Saturday’s scenes related to a child alone in a park.

Officer approaches girlCar Scene

The police officer (a real one!) observed a young girl (not an actor) apparently alone and unsupervised in a park, considered that there might be an issue and approached her. On gaining her confidence, he took her to the police car in order to take her back home. A simple scenario but one needing tact and care.

Squeaky kitMuch effort was put into making the visuals right, as you might expect, but to see the sound crew gathered around the play equipment to capture the essence of the squeaky chain, and, so many times an empty plastic bottle was recorded dropping onto the ground and bouncing about.

The girl’s parents were on hand to reassure their daughter; her brother and sister kept her feet firmly on the ground! Filming requires much standing around, repeating actions, repeating lines and scrutiny of sound and video. The supervising lecturers made sure the crew were fully focused on progressing the shooting schedule. Even so they did not finish until 11am!

Since it is a police training video it is unlikely that we’ll get to see the finished result. But, it was interesting to watch it being made and to see the two characters played with effortless ease even with the crew gathered closely around them.

Wreningham has a new police community support officer, PCSO Darrin Sore, following a reorganisation of local Police boundaries.

PCSO Sore covers the Mulbarton and Hethersett area and has recently had Wreningham and four other small villages added to his extended area. He now covers 18 villages with 15 parish councils.

He paid a first visit to Wreningham Parish Council on November 10 and has also been to the village school and will be doing an assembly there in the near future.

PCSO Sore told the parish council that he has been in the role for 11 years and was a “feet on the street type of Police officer”.

He reported to the council on local crime statistics, saying there had been one reported local crime in the last month when a car at The Poplars in Wreningham had had a brick thrown through its window and a handbag snatched by two men who drove up in a car.

Further to the letter from Inspector Lou Provart (on Twitter at @InspProvart) introducing himself as new into post, we have received further contact advice.

The PCSO covering Wreningham is PCSO 8174 Darrin Sore, who can be contacted via 101. His Beat Manager is PC Glenn Hambling, with Sergeant Jim Heath as his boss.

Emergency contact – 999 if you are facing an incident or crime and you need police help immediately.

Non-emergency contact – dial 101 or send a text message to 07786 200777

General enquiries – email Norfolk Constabulary at enquiries@norfolk.pnn.police.uk.

For non-emergency matters you can contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team directly at SNTWymondham@norfolk.pnn.police.uk or call 101 and ask to speak to the Safer Neighbourhood Team covering Wreningham.

Other general enquiries can be routed through Sally Sandford, CPC Administrator Wymondham, Room 1.1.73, Norfolk Constabulary, Jubilee House, Falconers Chase, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0WW  Tel:  01953 424153   Fax:  01953 424181