The last couple of days have been a mite damp – so I thought I’d take the phone and record a few puddles for posterity.

General dampness – a few choice puddles and full ditches

Followed by a close look at The Farthings. This had surface water, two new shallow ponds, an overflowing existing pond, plus full ditches.

In response to the recent serious flooding in the county, the Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance (NSFA) has been formed to:

  • monitor remedial and preventive works
  • prepare a strategy to meet similar and anticipated events due to climate change

Norfolk ALC is on the NSFA steering committee to provide the Parish Voice and influence Alliance decisions e.g.:

  1. An information leaflet is being prepared for distribution (via the Mardle in Wreningham) but see here.
  2. A hotline (number to be announced) will be set up to act as a single point of contact to the services involved
  3. The public are asked for their suggestions:
  4. To seek the support of the press and media to keep the public informed of progress.
  5. A Zoom webinar is being arranged for 24th March at 7 p.m. with presenters from Anglia Water, Water Resources East and the Fire Service, with a Q&A session at the end.

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