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Wreningham Parish Council Chair

Have you received one of these? Having received one of these in the last few days will show you are on the Electoral Roll and hence eligible to vote. Otherwise you may need to check with South Norfolk Council that you are on the Roll. The contact details are on the card you just looked at, or, see this SNC page for details.

There is still time to register if you wish to vote in the elections on 6 May. You will have to do it before 11:59pm on 19 April.

You will be aware from the news reports of the death of The Duke of Edinburgh who passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle.

The Royal website will have an ebook of condolence, which can be found at www.royal.gov.uk.

South Norfolk Council does not encourage residents to visit their offices to sign its book of condolence, but asks that messages are sent to condolence@s-norfolk.gov.uk. All messages will be archived following the period of mourning.

For further information please contact: Tracy Brady, Civic Officer 01508535321  tbrady@s-norfolk.gov.uk  

Norfolk Citizens Advice have launched their Grants for Individuals in need database. This funded as part of the Coordinated Community Support Programme and is on the Norfolk Citizens Advice website. The database contains largely small local grant giving organisations that operate in Norfolk.

The webpage contains:

  • Brief information on how to use the database
  • A short video demonstration
  • A tips document on maximising successful applications with hints and tips from grant organisation trustees
  • A feedback link to report out of date information, suggest organisations to include,  or just give feedback on your experience of using the database

Contact Isobel Abbott at i.abbott@ncab.org.uk for further information.

Reference: 2021/0544
Applicant: Mr A Moore
Location: Rectory Cottage  Church Road Wreningham NR16 1BA
Proposal: Erection of ground mounted solar panels
Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Please return comments to South Norfolk Council by 21 April 2021:
on-line: via Comment tab on-line
email: planning@s-norfolk.gov.uk
post: SNC, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton NR15 2XE

Copies of the submitted plans can be viewed on-line here.

Application reference: 2021/0583
Applicant: Mr David Tinsley
Location: Chestnut Lodge Plot 1  Wymondham Road Wreningham NR16 1AT
Proposal: Erection of detached art studio
Application Type: Householder

Please return to comments South Norfolk Council by 17 April 2021:

on-line: via Comment tab here
email: planning@s-norfolk.gov.uk
post: SNC, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton NR15 2XE

Copies of the submitted plans can be viewed on-line here.

Broadland District Council and South Norfolk District Council have recently updated their Enforcement Plan and have developed an Enforcement Strategy. They have shared these:

Enforcement Strategy

Enforcement Plan

On 17th March an on-line meeting was held in which the enforcement plan was explained with a further description of the work of the team responsible for enforcement. The presentation is here.

In response to the recent serious flooding in the county, the Norfolk Strategic Flood Alliance (NSFA) has been formed to:

  • monitor remedial and preventive works
  • prepare a strategy to meet similar and anticipated events due to climate change

Norfolk ALC is on the NSFA steering committee to provide the Parish Voice and influence Alliance decisions e.g.:

  1. An information leaflet is being prepared for distribution (via the Mardle in Wreningham) but see here.
  2. A hotline (number to be announced) will be set up to act as a single point of contact to the services involved
  3. The public are asked for their suggestions: wellbeing@NorfolkALC.gov.uk
  4. To seek the support of the press and media to keep the public informed of progress.
  5. A Zoom webinar is being arranged for 24th March at 7 p.m. with presenters from Anglia Water, Water Resources East and the Fire Service, with a Q&A session at the end.

See our earlier post here

Reference: 2021/0435
Applicant: Mrs Brake
Location: Rose Cottage Norwich Road Wreningham NR16 1AF
Proposal: Demolition of existing cottage and construction of one replacement dwelling and one new house
Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Copies of the submitted plans can be viewed on-line

Comments to South Norfolk by 29 March 2021.

on-line: via Comment tab here
email: planning@s-norfolk.gov.uk
post: SNC, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton NR15 2XE

Marc Williams, an Area Coordinator for the UK charity Arthritis Action, is inviting people to join their new group for Norfolk and Suffolk.

Online Arthritis Action Groups

There are online Arthritis Action Groups throughout the country, now including a group for Norfolk & Suffolk, both as daytime and evening groups. They provide hands-on, practical help to combat the pain of arthritis through self-management and lifestyle advice and a range of free resources, including fact sheets, exercises, recipes and videos.

Arthritis Action Groups are an opportunity for people with arthritis to talk with others and share their tips on how to manage their arthritis and stay active whilst at home, and they welcome new attendees. They discuss a variety of self-management techniques.

Participants will need to contact them directly for the log-in instructions for the meeting, and they have produced ‘How To’ guides for those not familiar with using Zoom.

Future Group Dates:

30/03/2021 – Norfolk & Suffolk Online Group (Launch) – 2pm

09/04/2021 – Coffee morning (open to all areas) – 10:30am

30/04/2021 – Coffee morning (open to all areas) – 10:30am

11/05/2021 – Norfolk & Suffolk Online group – 2pm

28/05/2021 – Coffee morning (open to all areas) – 10:30am

For joining details see http://www.arthritisaction.org.uk/media-centre/events or contact Marc Williams: Marc@arthritisaction.org.uk / 020 3781 9233 / 07562 430886


Marc is available for one-off presentations on self-management of arthritis via zoom if there is a local group that would be interested. These are free of charge.

Following a number of reported flash flooding incidents in the Parish, the Parish Council has been contacting the authorities.

South Norfolk Scrutiny committee have, on 27 January 2021, considered the nature of flash flooding in the District. They have made some interesting points with respect to defensive work and the nature of sandbags: Agenda plus reports for the Scrutiny Committee meeting and the draft minutes.

Under the Land Drainage Act 1991, Norfolk County Council is the ‘operating authority’ for ordinary watercourses in 79.3% of Norfolk. They publish specific guidance on their webpage “Information for Home Owners“. If you wish to report an obstruction / maintenance issue, the Water Management Team’s contact details are: water.management@norfolk.gov.uk or; 0344 800 8020.

The phrase “Riparian responsibility” occurs repeatedly and it is important that you are aware what this means if your property is next to a watercourse, see here.

(image courtesy: Image by Linda Russ from Pixabay)