Wreningham Parish Council has a tablet computer which is now surplus to requirements. The details are: 2 years old, Microsoft surface, Tegra 3 chip, windows 8.1(?), 10.6 inch screen, wi-fi, 64Gb Ram, with a bluetooth keyboard (microsoft sculpt mobile keyboard). The tablet is similar to this.

Reasonable offers to Wreningham Parish Clerk – clerk.wpc@gmail.com .

A new Facebook page has been launched for everyone who loves Wreningham, and is called, very appropriately, LoveWreningham

It is a public page, open to all and we want to hear your news, events and information about the village and everything that happens here.

We want you to post your thoughts about and photographs of our beautiful and fun village.

So if you want other people to know what you are doing, or what you group or organisation is up to, please post your news, at  www.facebook.com/LoveWreningham

Please give us a “Like” and share the site with your friend and neighbours.