Keith Morris and I spent a contented hour or so installing two new goal nets on the playing field. Keith had spent a few hours earlier in the week sanding down the goal posts, priming them and applying a final white coat. They looked splendid in the bright Autumn sunlight – just before the rain came down – ready for the footballers to make an appearance.

This is the 25th anniversary of National Hate Crime Awareness Week. This time it is from 10th to 17th October 2020.

Norfolk and Suffolk Police, have written to say they take this type of crime very seriously and are committed to tackling it to make communities safer.

What is ‘hate’?

Hate is when an offender is hostile towards an individual’s, or a group’s identity, because of prejudice against their protected characteristics:

• Race, ethnicity or nationality

• Religion or belief (or lack of)

• Disability (includes physical, sensory, learning disability, or mental health)

• Sexual orientation

• Transgender identity

What are hate incidents and crimes?

An Hate Incident is when an individual, or anyone else, thinks that an event was motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person or group’s protected characteristics. Any criminal offence can be a Hate Crime if it was motivated by hostility or prejudice against a person or a group’s protected characteristics.


The Police have provided posters from Norfolk County Council which incorporates the new logo for SHiN. They have asked that we display them to support the national campaign. See them here:

SHiN Poster #1

SHiN Poster #2

All are welcome! Why not come down to the Village Hall and meet other villagers and enjoy the full range of drinks available?

Thursday Evening – 7 to 10pm

Friday Evening – 6 to 10pm

Saturday Afternoon – 3 to 5pm

Sunday Lunchtime – 12 noon to 2.30pm

Covid note: We have arranged the tables inside to allow for social distancing and when the weather allows the patio seating area is also available.

NCC’s Ash Dieback team will shortly be inspecting roadside trees within the parish. This will cover roads that their data suggest are used most frequently. The primary focus is to identify Ash trees in decline due to Ash Dieback Disease (ADB) and assess the risk to highway users. They may also identify other trees that are in a dead or dangerous condition.

The team remind landowners that ‘their trees are their responsibility’ and try to raise awareness of ADB. Trees in poor condition but not considered imminently dangerous will have notices fixed to them and be marked with yellow paint to alert the owner that action may be required.

The team has advised the Parish Council that they may contact us if they find any particular areas of concern or have a query regarding ownership of an individual tree or tree group.

Further information

The team’s webpage: see

Their contacts: email: : Tel. 01603 222112

Woodland Trust:

Charlotte Ditchburn, the Access Field Officer for the British Horse Society covering the East Region, has written for assistance with their project to record legal rights, and to preserve and reinstate routes.

They wish to recruit Historical Research Volunteers in the Eastern Region. Contact information

Address: Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth, Warwickshire  CV8 2XZ

Phone: 02476 840749; email:

Reference: 2020/1112 (previously 2020/0571)
Applicant: Miss Rebecca Wells
Location: Wrenlea, Hethel Road, Wreningham NR16 1BB
Proposal: Two storey side extension to form attached annexe
Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Comments, which will appear on-line, to South Norfolk Council by 21 July 2020 quoting the reference number 2020/0571


online: or

by post: South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE