There has been an overwhelming response to an offer from Wreningham villagers to collect together much-needed medical, food and other aid supplies for refugees from the Ukrainian conflict, fleeing to Poland and other neighbouring countries.

Village resident Ian Macrae led a small team in offering to receive clothing, sleeping bags, nappies, medicines, personal hygiene items and food to be taken over to Poland.

The response was overwhelming with a room at the village hall filled with medical and sanitary items and Spratts Coaches offices in the village filled with clothing, bedding and footwear.

Ian said: “People in Wreningham and nearby areas have been wonderful, very thoughtful. We were absolutely overwhelmed and eventually, sadly, we had to start turning people away.

“We got a good lorry load of aid, so thank you very much everybody. We will be taking it to a larger local centre where they will be loading up a lorry to head to the Poland border area. We cannot take any more items at this time.”

Pictured below donated toiletries from Wreningham being taken by Colemans Removals to Diss for onward distribution

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