A bird’s-eye video view of the Wreningham Village commemorative photo has been published.

The Parish Council collaborated with the Village Hall Committee, All Saints Church and the Wreningham Heritage Group to stage the group photograph on the village playing field on Sunday June 11, following a shared lunch in the village hall.

A video of the occasion has now been published online, taken by photographer and drone operator Graeme Taplin.

The people in the picture were (in no particular order):

Val Keel, Hilary Tinner, Jean & Peter Levis, Anne & David Osborn, Hilary & David Gauthier, Graeme & Helen McAndrew, Christine Minns, Pat and David Tinsley, Michael Hill, Steven, Alison, Elsie, Austin, Sandra, Raymond Turner, Andrew, Elizabeth, Harriet, Ottilie Groat, Ben, Sarah, Connie, Erin Liddiard, Ian Macrae, Sue & Mick Ryder, Keith & Helen O’Neill, Sue & Chris Brighton, Kym, George, Farah, Austin Tufnell, Oliver & Sarah Holgate, Annelies & Barry Hall, Emma Lindop, Lewis & Oakley Knight, John & Jenny Bligh, Lloyd, Katherine, Florence Baxter, Paul Askham, Christine Moss, Alex, Alice, Ophelia Hunton-Wood, Tim & Leesa Groucott, Keith & Nicky Morris, Jill Maidment, Jim Cooper, Dave & Mary Loader, Bill & Masha Smith, Lydia, Leo, Alexander, Peter Grant, Ian & Kim Priestley, Nick & Sue Pink, John & Sue Knight, Cathy & Mason Paul, Allan & Heather Bond, Lis & Mike Whalley, Janet & Stephen Richardson, Karen Nunn, Brenda & Stuart Merchant, Sue & Tony Wright, Claire, Talula, Hermione & Willow  Rennie, Katie, Florence & Beatrice Burrell, Valerie Banham, Jean Lambourne, John & Ann McIlwham, Malcolm & Lynda Craig.

You can download high quality pictures from the Flickr picture gallery here or view and download the video on YouTube here. If you would like a higher resolution version of a single picture, please email keith.morris@networknorwich.co.uk

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