A community archaeology project in Wreningham has restarted after a four-year gap with a test pit on Wymondham Road, to be followed by two others and a talk by Historic Environment Officer, Steve Hickling. 

Following on from eight test pits dug in private gardens around the village back in summer 2018, led by Steve and archaeologist colleagues, a further test pit was dug at Shelley Cottage on Wymondham Road on Sunday June 26.

Further test pits are due to be dug on Sunday July 3 at The Old Homestead in Toprow and on Sunday July 24 at Willey’s Croft on Church Road. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome to turn up at 10am. No previous experience necessary – but please bring a shovel / spade / mattock or pickaxe and a trowel or sieve if you have them.

In addition, there is a meeting of the Wreningham Heritage Group at 2pm on Wednesday July 13 in the Margaret Preston Room at the Village Hall – all are welcome.

The meeting agenda includes a talk by Steve Hickling on Test Pitting – incorporating information from recent and planned test pits around the village.

Test pits enable us to discover and record artefacts from our village’s history.  Some of these can date back to the Middle Ages – or even earlier!

The last set of eight Wreningham test pits were dug in 2018.  The plan has been to test pit in diverse locations around the village.  It’s hoped this will provide evidence for determining historic patterns of settlement etc.

An Interim Report from the 2018 test pits can be found here. 

Pictured above and below is the test pitting at Shelley Cottage earlier today.

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