In case some of you were wondering about the situation with County Broadband proposals for their Wreningham provision, we have David Kirk’s reading of the on-line runes:

The first stage of works for the County Broadband direct fibre installations in Wreningham has been posted on the / onenetwork website.  This initial activity covers roads within our 30 & 40 mph limit zones – which excludes the High Common and Penny Green areas. Whilst the dates might yet change, the timetable is currently:

  • Main Road 17th – 22nd Sept
  • Toprow 24th – 29th Sept
  • Ashwellthorpe Road 8th – 13th Oct
  • Wymondham Road 15th – 24th Oct
  • Lower end of Church Road 24th – 31st Oct
  • Upper end of Church Road 1st – 7th Nov
  • Hethel Road 8th – 14th Nov

The immediate task is running fibre cable between the tops of telegraph poles (also employing existing poles belonging to the electric power company when those are more suitably placed).  There may need to be a small amount of tree branch trimming to clear the route for individual fibre cables.  Such trimming is likely to be done as each of the fibre cables is strung out.  There may be some interruptions to traffic flow with e.g. short term short term closures; stop-go boards; etc. 

It is also understood there will be short lengths of trenching required in some roads / verges.  This may take place in Church Road near the Bird in Hand and near the noticeboard in Top Row.  There may also be a short trench dug at the Reading Room.  County Broadband have not yet posted dates etc. relating to these other activities.

The above is only the first stage.  Further work will be required before properties can be connected. 

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