Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch have an opportunity to unlock funding to support their work in making our towns and villages a better place to live.  We share an appeal from Les Rowlands, the local Chair, for help to make this happen:

“Dear Resident,
Many of you have told us about crime and anti-social-behaviour in your communities which is making your lives less enjoyable.  This is why at Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch we want to help local communities make a difference to help address this. 
However, we cannot do this without funding to help promote existing schemes and develop new ones.  I often hear about drinking, violence, criminal damage, litter and graffiti in our towns, villages and in Norwich which makes life for some, intolerable.
From what you tell me, working collaboratively with your local police officer was always the best way to tackle these problems.  However, in recent years we have lost these important links but now is the time to reinstate them.   
Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch is asking the Police & Crime Commissioner, to consider funding us from his allocation of Safer Streets Funding from the Home Office (£1.4m).   
Therefore, please could I ask you to complete this very important survey:
The survey will ask questions about aspects of neighbourhood crime, anti-social behaviour  and violence and importantly it’s anonymous. 
Please do mention Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch and tick the box accordingly.
Best Wishes

Les Rowlands Chair Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

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