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Wreningham Parish Council Chair

Bonfires (and your neighbours!)

It is perfectly legal to have a bonfire and there are no restrictions as to when you can have it. However, you must comply with the Environmental Protection Act.
Following a complaint to the Parish Council and in the interest of good neighbourliness, the following might be useful:

  • Timing – Choose a good time for you and your neighbours. Avoid weekends and bank holidays!
  • Frequency – Try to have as few bonfires as possible.
  • Management – Never leave a bonfire unattended.
  • Materials – Avoid wet or green materials as they will produce excess smoke. Do not burn anything likely to produce excessive, pungent and toxic smoke, e.g. rubber and plastic.
  • Weather – Wind can blow smoke towards the neighbours; stronger winds could impact neighbours further away.

We have received information from NCC Highways regarding their approach to gritting and snow clearance in inclement weather. On the Wreningham council page you will find NCC’s FAQs about to snow clearance and grit bins (there are none in Wreningham).

Here is a link to the Highways page which gives further detail and has an interactive map identifying the routes prioritised for gritting/snow clearance. If you are a driver please note that Church Road is the only Wreningham road marked on this map.